App Farm — finding and growing App software for mobile and tablet devices.

APP definition - noun, Computers, Informal. An application, typically a small, specialized program downloaded onto mobile or tablet devices.

Apps are a multi-billion dollar industry growing at an incredible rate! App Farm understands the importance of profitable apps, which is why the company plans to acquire various profitable mobile apps through acquisition (buying them outright) or through our contests to find the best new Apps. APP FARM is offering project rounds of $1,000,000 each. Each one- million dollar round will buy acquire and fund the growth of at least ten exciting software Apps.

To enter our APP CONTEST for up to $25,000, WIN $25,000 for your APP IDEA!

App contests and Voting Process

A selection of top picks will be carefully selected from the many entries we receive per contest (see example on right). Each applicant and App software is screened to ensure it meets strict criteria including copyrights, intellectual property rights, marketability and most important: the ability to make money right away. Selected Apps will be voted on by investors.


App Farm is led by Founder and President, Brad Listermann. Prior to founding App Farm, Mr. Listermann successfully launched and sold one of the world’s first online, social-network, investment sites, NetStreet Financial. Mr. Listermann helped fund many successful companies. He has also filed several ground-breaking software patents.

Mr. Listermann will work alongside a team of researchers and expert consultants, whom will assist investors in App voting selections.

Team of Experts & Researchers’

Like the TV show, SHARK TANK, our panel of experts will review and vote on the contest or acquisition applicants that have passed through research and meet our criteria for making money.Panel Experts may include millionaire investors, technology experts, successful entrepreneurs and software developers.

Each chosen APP contest applicant or acquisition candidate will then be placed upon our special INVESTOR ONLY WEBSITE for YOU to review and choose your favorite APP software. Selected winners will be available for announcement and details of financials progress, financial reporting and App general information updates will be available also on the website for investors only.

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